Heroes Hangout

a fun and magical place for kids battling cancer to play & have fun like all kids should


Heroes Hangout Events & Celebrations

Children battling cancer are constantly immuno-compromised and cannot go to parks, playgrounds, or toy stores. The Heroes Hangout provides a safe and magical place for them to play, attend monthly themed events, enjoy arts & crafts, play video games, 'Shop' for toys, celebrate Birthdays & end of Treatment Celebrations , all at no cost to the families

Silvia Vanni knew she had to do more for kids battling cancer. For over 11 years the Foundation has held monthly in-patient hospital parties, but Silvia knew these children needed a safe place to go between treatments, and through her vision, the Heroes Hangout, the country’s first Childhood Cancer Haven, was born. The Hangout is located in North Miami Beach, central to all South Florida Hospitals. Heroes Hangout was originally graciously sponsored by the Dante Law Firm and is 100% community-supported. There is no cost to the families to attend the Hangout or for anything within. At the Hangout children and their families, enjoy themed events, celebrate Birthdays, have play dates with other cancer warriors, and hold 'End of Treatment' celebrations. We partner with other like-minded organizations and community businesses to grant 'Wishes' and hold special individualized events. Especially now, during the pandemic, the center has been such a blessing to the families in South Florida, as it is truly the only safe place that children can go to escape the horrors of their everyday life battling cancer. Being able to play and have fun as all kids should is an essential part of getting through the difficult treatments as well as the recovery process.